How do Distress Sales Affect Median Prices in San Francisco?

Distress home sales – bank-owned properties and short sales – have a major impact on the overall median sales price in San Francisco, even though the city is much less impacted by such sales than the greater Bay Area or California. In actual numbers and as a percentage of sales, distress sales have been increasing […]

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Answer: Which well known stadium was best know for windy conditions, damp air and dew from fog and chilly temperatures, earning less-than-flattering nicknames such as “North Pole” and “Cave of Winds”?

Answer: Candlestick Park As a baseball field, the stadium was best known for the windy conditions, damp air and dew from fog, and chilly temperatures. The wind often made life difficult for outfielders trying to catch fly balls, as well as for fans, while the damp grass further complicated play for outfielders that had to […]

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The San Francisco Real Estate Market in Autumn: October 2010 Market Update

After a relatively slow summer, the number of new listings and accepted offers in San Francisco soared after (…)

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